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The Great I Am Series
I Am The Light I Am The Lord, I Am The Tree

This banner series was created for Parkland Hospital Chapel in Dallas, Texas.
The colors and fabrics were chosen to blend with their existing stained glass window.

Place order or request information at poiemabanners@windstream.net


Lightweight and collapsible  stands a grande display of your banner.
Lift them high with a stable base.
Use for floor standing banners, also great for banners that need to be portable!

This lightweight yet durable pole extends from 5' to 10' with a simple twist,  push and lock in place!  A small insert placed in the cross rod allows easy pole on and off with the push of a button.


Excellent for processionals, marches and travel!

Stand $ 5.00
Extenda-Pole $ 50.00
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